Activate your Light


Let your inner light call you home

Activate Your Light is an intimate experience to guide you back home to yourself, reignite the beautiful light shining within and find that girl that knows there is more.  


You know she’s there, so let’s activate her light.


Activate Your Light is here to help you reignite your desire for more joy, to reconnect you with your deepest soul calling and embrace your truest and most authentic self.


Activate Your Light is the work that transforms you. 


It is a perfect starting place for the woman who knows deep in her core that there is something more for her, and she is ready to take the next sacred step.


We will spend time deep in the energetics of unlocking your purpose and how to connect with your body for the answers.  You’ll experience the ‘full body yes’ moment and will be able to tune into that energy in the future without any interference from the outside world.


I will guide you through a Belief Systems Upgrade and have you create an aligned vision for a future that lights you up with possibility and inspiration.

*disclaimer: this module may have you believing that anything is possible and may result in a massive life upgrade.


You will have full access to my signature Manifestation Method and you will be guided to write your Lifescript to manifest your dream life.  You will learn how to use this to call in abundance in your business, your personal life, your relationships and your health.


I will teach you how to integrate simple and soulful daily practices into your life to help you stay aligned and grounded in times of challenge and growth and you will be given audio resources to anchor into this alignment well beyond our time together.  To get the most out of this module, you will be encouraged to prioritise these practices in a sacred space in your home during the program.


And most importantly, we will gather once a week to create connection and amplify our energy and frequency as a collective - this is the magic right here.





Somewhere in the cosmos there is a future version of you looking back at you with so much pride at just how far you have come, and she is in awe of where you are going.

Whats Included:

  • 6 x 1 hour weekly group coaching sessions via Zoom        
  • Access to modules, resources and downloads in private Student Portal

  • Private FB group for accountability & support

  • Lifetime access to program

  • Worksheets and guides

  • Guided Meditation Recordings

  • Affirmations and Journal Prompts


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You Save $333 and access is available 18.2.22 for five days only. 

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Cart Opens 2.2.22 

VIP Experience


In addition to the program, you'll have a 1:1 90 minute Soul Guidance Session with Dante on completion of the program to dive deeper into your desires and receive guidance for your next sacred steps.
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Client Course Love 


Dante is one of the most authentic women I’ve met in business. While she is giving of her time in support of you she also has strict boundaries around her time and is unapologetic about that. She motivates and encourages in a way that is authentic to you and is amazing at asking you questions to assist in coming to your own natural conclusions. Her advice is always personal yet universal and while she is encouraging she is also realistic. I have loved working with her and I hope to continue to in the future.


Dante's guidance on self-belief, grand visions, time management and leadership... always continues to push me further towards my goals and aspirations. 3 years after being mentored by Dante, I feel very confident in saying that her drive and experience has led me to dream bigger in my personal and professional life. I have also built amazing daily and weekly rituals to improve my productivity within my business and learned the importance of nurturing myself in order to give wholeheartedly to others.One thing I am most grateful for is that it has taken me on a personal growth journey where I feel empowered and less fearful of the unknown. Thank you SO much Dante!


Dante is the most incredible leader and motivator. I have gained so much from her mentoring. She is insightful and practical, always providing a range of options to suit my selling and business style that I’ve easily been able to implement. I would highly recommend her to any women in business looking to upskill their personal life, business and overall lifestyle. She is fun, enthusiastic and authentic and I am grateful for her drops of wisdom in the time we’ve worked together. 

Launching 2.2.22